Humans Are Extreme

“Nothing is more self-limiting than going to extremes.” – Marty Rubin

Balance is one of the most important yet most difficult things for humans to master. Most would say it is impossible to master. 

We say extreme phrases such as “I totally get that” or “Yeah I completely understand”. When in reality we don’t. 

It can be a difficult thing to admit, but when you realize that it is something that everyone deals with it lightens the load.

It takes a conscious mind to realize all the times that you/humans are truly extreme. It takes a proactive mind to make sure that it doesn’t negatively affect you or those around you.

We’re responsible for our actions, and for influencing those around you. Being extreme isn’t a big thing necessarily, but, it can be.

It has to do with finding a balance, finding your extremes, and not being complacent about it.

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