Book Review: Storyteller

“Do not just wait to be invited to something. Create something. Contribute something. Make something. Do something.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

This is not going to be like a regular book review, because this is not like a regular book.

What Morgan Harper Nichols wrote is so much more than a simple book or some poems.

It is essentially 100 love letters to different people, pleases, things, seasons, years, and more. Someone with a broken heart, someone driving home late at night, someone sitting in traffic, and smiling on their way to work. 

It is full of hope, light, wisdom and so so much more.

Some of the poems are deep and full of super intentional symbolism that you have to read multiple times to fully understand. Others are fluffier, some might even say funny.

Everyone has a story to tell, these poem letters encourage you to keep telling your story and to be curious about the untold stories of others.

Check out the book here!

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