If You Don’t Know Them Personally Don’t Take It Personally

“When you lose your ego, you win. It really is that simple.” – Shannon L. Alder

What was the last thing you took personally that you now realize you shouldn’t have?

For me, it was probably earlier this week. I have the awful habit is either taking everything not personally at all or way to personal.

A rule that I heard a bit ago on a podcast is “if you don’t know them personally don’t take it personally”. It struck me to the core, I felt like I was being called out to the extreme.

If someone doesn’t know you personally then their opinions, thoughts, feedback, etc. are not about what your true self. They’re about the task at hand, the stress back home, or whatever it may be for them.

Taking something personally that should not be taken personally will only do you harm and possibly harm the relationship as well.

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