Strange Situations I Have Found Myself In Recently

“I’m a lion in a strange land.” – Criss Jami

With heading back home I have found myself in some rather strange situations that I would not have found myself in otherwise.

Example 1

The other day I was working and my siblings all came into the room bored out of their minds. They had finished school for the day and did not have anything else to do. 

Apparently some bored kids and me working led to me working while they were plucking my leg hairs with tweezers. Thank the Lord I have a high pain tolerance because I’m pretty sure it ended up just being a competition on who could make me scream first.

Example 2

We had a whole family trip to the lake and on the way homes the following things happened:

  • Little sister started crying because she was eating chips and watching a movie but ended up putting her headphone in her mouth instead of the chip. She ended up eating some of her own ear wax.
  • Littlest brother and little sister were watching a movie and made the sound delayed and were dying of laughter. 
  • Different little brother was napping and ended up drooling a little bit. This ended up being the funniest thing in the world to littlest brother and he took a strangely high quality picture of it. 
  • Some crying
  • As well as some pretty entreating pictures, but I think my family would kill me if I posted them.

Example 3

Within a day the following events occurred. 

I was in my room by myself doing work and the next thing I know my little sister comes in crying. Her laptop case for her school had come off and she “stepped on it” also known as jumped on it and the screen broke. Mascara was running everywhere. She had to run to the school and pick up a loaner laptop so in the end all was right with the world.

Little sister storms in and yells “You got Chipotle??” then slams the door as she leaves. 

A family walk with enough shenanigans to for a whole separate blog post.

Somehow our dogs collar got off on a late night walk and he almost got hit by a car.

And much much more. Life is pretty entertaining right now, and it has been a good reminder that just because I cannot control something does not mean that it has to be bad or scary.

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