Match Your Love

“Seduce yourself first.” – Kamand Kojouri

The other day a friend of mine was making fun of me because of how much I compliment and say I love you to my dog. Despite how annoying he is I still love him.

A few days later I was complimenting my plants on how well they are doing. My little sister instantly started laughing at me. Sidenote, they truly are doing fantastic and I am proud of their progress.

I then realized, how come I feel like it is impossible to give myself the same amount of love.

I am going to start challenging myself where every time I say I love you to him I need to say it to myself as well. And every time I give my plants a compliment I need to give myself one.

I am pretty sure the first time I said I love you to myself was within the past year.

If you complimented yourself as genuinely and as often as you compliment other people/things I am pretty sure your life would be a lot better. It is a mindset that cannot just appear but has to be worked on and matured throughout time.

I dare you to match your love.

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