The Last Dance

“I don’t have a gambling problem I have a competitiveness problem.” – Michael Jordan

If you somehow have not heard of the last dance let me enlighten you. It is a ten-part docuseries that revolves around Michael Jordan with a particular focus on his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

It first aired in April of 2020 and is now on Netflix.

When it first came out I was in California, if I was by myself out there I doubt I would have even heard of the show but since I was with a host family that was especially into basketball it was brought to my attention and I even watched a handful of the episodes with them.

More recently though my little brother (or my little English rose) and I were on Netflix and he asked what the Last Dance was. This then spurred into us binge watching it.

To show how captivating the series is, my family could care less about sports. KC won the super bowl last year, we really did not react or care at all really. But, The Last Dance is something we were all interested in. I think it actually got some of my siblings interested in the game.

So, even if you really so not like sports this docuseries somehow still has something for you. It is about the people, their struggles, their life more than it is purely about the game of basketball.

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