Schitt’s Creek

“Oh, I’d kill for a good coma right now.” – Moira

I do not think I could be any later to the bandwagon that is Schitt’s Creek. But better late than never, right?

I spent the past month or so binge-watching this show, and falling in love with the characters. Seeing their character growth over the years, as well as their family, grow together was genuine magic. 

The fact that the entire family is unapologetically themselves. While the entire town accepts them as they are, no questions asked and no matter what kind of wine they like is something that the world needs more of. 

Seeing love, heartbreak, happiness and so much more being portrayed in an honest yet somehow comedic and outlandish way was absolutely beautiful. You can cry one second and laugh so hard that your stomach hurts the next. You do not want anything bad to happen to these characters that you love so much but you know that if something does happen it is for the best.

Getting to watch this show has been the highlight of the past month for me, I just wish there was more.

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