Procrastination vs Failure

“It’s better to fail than procrastinate.” – Sahil

After seeing the quote above I started seriously thinking about my life and the times that I have failed compared to the times that I have procrastinated.

And without a doubt I would rather fail than procrastinate. In the moment I may think otherwise, when the anxiety and fear creep in but all in all it is better to fail. Failure is where you learn, procrastination is where you find a new show to watch.

As we are entering the new year, setting new years resolutions, and hoping 2021 is better than 2020. I want you to keep in mind that failure is not the enemy in fact it is a blessing. Procrastination is a luxury that you should not take advantage of.

On deaths doorstep you will not receive a report card, you receive memories and I can guarantee all the times you decided to procrastinate will not be high on your list. But all of the times that you failed, got back up, and learned you will cherish.

So, fail as much as you can while you can.

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