“I’ve been sick for so long I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t.” – Alison G. Bailey

My mom is a nurse and on New Years Eve she tested positive for Coronavirus. I knew that it was more or less inevitable due to her profession, but I did not expect to be starting out my 2021 in such an interesting position.

Both her and my little brother were sick, and in bed for days. The mom tendencies in me came out in full swing. I have more or less been living in quarantine since the beginning of the pandemic started due to my lifestyle, but something about being forced into it is a bit of a different story.

It is lovely to know that you do have the option to go out, pick up some groceries, grab a coffee, all COVID safe of course, but still having the option. With the option now taken away I have realized how often I do just casually go out to get groceries, pick up some take out, and live my life as a part of society. I also would like to thank our local smoothie king for providing practically all of the meals for my family.

The world is in quite the predicament, we have been for a while and we will for a while longer if people do not take things seriously. I am almost positive I was asymptomatic/had very minimal symptoms due to my living situation so even though I more or less felt fine I did not go out. My mom, brother, and I were all perfectly healthy but we still got sick.

Humanity is worth so much more than a New Years Eve party, a dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a concert. Living smart is not the same thing as living in fear. Be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, remember this isn’t a joke.

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