Cheap Old Houses

“Dedicated to the discovery of magical places.” – CheapOldHouses

I rarely ever go on Instagram but when I do it is almost exclusively to stalk the account cheap old houses.

This is an Instagram account that is fully of just cheap old houses that are for sale from all over the world. If you are wanting to get out of the USA and move to Europe do not look at this account because it will increase your want tenfold. They also have houses in the US but something about a tiny house in Denmark that is hundreds of years old cannot compare to a run down house is Tennessee.

Something about this account brings me so much joy, the quaint little towns in the middle of nowhere, the lake or ocean front houses that are need a lot of TLC, the old houses that are falling down in the middle of a big city. Add the ridiculously cheap prices ad it makes you think twice about where you are living now.

In their bio is says dedicated to the discovery of magical places and that speaks volumes to what the account is doing. Also according to their bio on Instagram there will soon be a HGTV show surrounding this and I do not think I could be more excited.

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