Follow Through

“Spare your words, your actions will speak for you.” – Akiroq Brost

As some of you know I am currently working on an ebook with a dear friend for Praxis. I was chatting with someone the other day about life and the ebook came up and she asked how it came about.

Funny enough we never really planned to write book. We just knew that we had some crazy stories that were so ridiculous we would not blame someone if they didn’t believe they were true. One day while chatting we said what people have said many times before ‘we could write a book’. Jokingly at first, but then we thought about it.

Nothing was really stopping us and if we were doing it on our own time we could go at our own pace which has been a blessing like no other.

When we first started our very lose goal was to get it published by the end of January, obviously that has not happened. But like the old saying goes, better late than never. We are still working on it and we do not want to publish something that we do not whole heartedly believe in.

Follow through is something no one really realizes is a skill which means no one spends the time to improve it. Which is why so many people say ‘I should write a book’ but so so few people actually do so.

With the first month of 2021 almost gone, think to yourself about your follow through. What project did you give up on or not even start? Like I said before it is better late than never so allow yourself to be late and allow yourself to follow through.

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