Don’t Justify Rest

“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth

I often find myself needing to be productive all the time, no time to rest. In my mind rest is simply a reward after I get finished with all the business, or at times rest can feel impossible.

The truth is rest is just rest.

There is no need to justify your resting. If you need to rest then rest.

Rest without beating yourself up, without stressing about unfinished projects. Sometimes the energy needed to complete those projects is found after, and only after we take the time to get genuine rest.

Justifying rest has become a common practice in life. The feeling of needing to justify our resting can be found in kids as young as elementary school.

The incorrect stigma of linking rest with weakness is slowly by surely tearing us as humans a part. Apart from each other and ourselves.

Think about the last time you rested to rest, and took it as a gift to breathe, reflect, and just live in the moment. When is the last time you felt freedom in taking a nap? Stop justifying your needs with your actions instead just accept your needs and give yourself the room to provide them.

Your past, present, and future self will thank you for this action. It is simple, stop making it so complicated.

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