A Tornado Warning With Clear Skies

“Tornado or no tornado, a girl from Kansas doesn’t let much get to her.” – Danielle Paige

This past Tuesday those of us in Kansas had a rather rude and heart attack worthy few moments.

Picture this, you are sitting at your desk working, in school learning, in a coffee shop trying to find some peace. All of a sudden the tornado everything starts going on. The text messages say that there is a warning and that it will apparently be over in about fifteen minutes. If you don’t know a tornado warning means there is an actual tornado heading your way and when they say to take cover you take cover.

Usually, when this happens you are aware that a tornado is coming and that you should probably find a bathtub somewhere. Tuesday was a different story, the skies could not have been clearer, seriously not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining. The weather could not have been further from creating a tornado but the siren and text message could not have been clearer.

The time when the apparent tornado warning had passed and apparently it was just a test. The issue is tests are always done on the first Wednesday of the month here. Why they chose to go all out on a random Tuesday is beyond me. There was no tornado.

Throughout all of this, I sat at my desk continuing to work without a care in the world. If a tornado was really coming it must be my time to go.

Also, to the state of Kansas, next time you do a test like this please make sure people are aware that it is a test. Please, and thank you.

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