Music Mondays: California

“Come get me out of California, no leaves are brown, I miss the seasons in Missouri , my dying town” – Chappell Roan

This is an EP by Chappell Roan and I am in love oh my goodness. There is something about the songs that leaves you craving them. She goes on such a journey throughout the three songs that it does not feel like it is only three songs at all.

I could listen to this EP on repeat and I have. Chappell considers her music to be dusty keyboard pop and I feel like that is extremely accurate.

Chappell is a singer songwriter from Willard, Missouri. She started piano lessons at the age of twelve and taught herself to play along by ear to her favorite songs, and was a member of her school choir.

Her talent is visible to all as she got signed to Atlantic Records as a junior in high school and is still killing it to this day.

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