Now Used To Be Next

“We get worried about what comes next but forget now used to be next.” – Sophia Short

As someone who deals with intense anxiety, I love planning and love figuring out what I want to do next. Something that I am trying to work on is living in the present. The life I am living right now is the life I used to stay up all hours of the night thinking about.

I know my mind is just trying to help me out, trying to make me aware of the possible dangers and prep for everything that could happen but it does it too well at times. I spend too much time in my head stressing about the future that I forget about the present.

In reality, we have little control over the future, and we only have a smidge of control over the present. Keep your mind on what you can control, if it is out of your hands it should be out of your head.

Ground yourself in the present, in the now, because before the now will be next.

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