Do What Makes You Feel Like You

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” – Allen Ginsberg

The other day my friend sent me a text and she said that she had spontaneously gotten a mullet. She sent me a few pictures and a video and the girl looks like a queen. She also told me that she feels like herself and she’s so happy and free.

It got me thinking about how often we don’t do what we need to do for ourselves, we do what makes us fit in instead of what makes us feel like ourselves. Whatever this means for you, getting a tattoo, cutting your hair, or anything else.

As humans we feel the need to conform but no one is like you and that is your superpower. Don’t suppress who you are truly meant to be for society, when in reality society will benefit greatly from you being your genuine self.

It is your body and as long as you aren’t causing harm I say go for it. You deserve it and the world deserves it too.

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