Turn Your Notifications Off

“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.” – Alexis Ohanian

Something I do is keeping most of my notifications off and social media off my phone. When I had social media on my phone I had a lot of anxiety around it and felt the need to constantly be on it.

I have found a wave of peace appears right after I get off social media. Even if I am on it on my laptop as soon as I close the tabs it shows up. There isn’t really anything that matches it.

FOMO is real and it is the main thing that makes people feel like they have to stay on social media and up to date.

Little do they know it doesn’t work that way. You have the decision, it is up to you, you’re allowed to do it. Even if it is just turning the notifications off for one specific person or app, then you can slowly start building on it if you notice a positive impact. If you notice a negative impact for one reason or another there is always the option to turn them back on but I doubt it will occur.

Once you feel the calm that shows up after you stop letting social media into your life you will never want to go back. Give yourself permission to delete social media, to turn off notifications, to enter a better mindset. Only you can do it and only you have the power, so do it.

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