High Functioning Mental Illnesses

“I am exhausted from trying to be strong than I feel” – Unknown

As May is mental health awareness month I feel like it is necessary to talk about the often overlooked high functioning mental illnesses.

Just because someone looks like they’re living a normal life doesn’t mean they’re not struggling with a mental illness. Take a second and let that sink in.

So many people have lived with the struggle for so long that they have become top-tier actors in their day-to-day lives to hide it from others. They have mastered that art of appearing normal but feel like they are dying on the inside. They have come up with coping mechanisms that are the only things that help them get through their day. They think these are normal too which is probably the most detrimental thing.

Mental illness is mental illness, whether you are in a hospital bed or not. Whether you are visibly broken or not every single person that is struggling deserves to get help. If you think that someone you know is struggling with a high functioning mental illness reach out. It can be scary to bring up the subject when you are on your own. Everyone has the right to do more than just survive, we should be thriving.

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