Different Ways A People Pleaser Can Say No

“Sometimes you aren’t listening to your body because you’re listening to everybody else’s expectations.” – Ann Voskamp

As a people pleaser myself I have struggled to say no many times throughout my life. I never want to confront people, make anyone uncomfortable, or make someone mad.

Here are some ways you can say no:

  • I really appreciate you asking me but unfortunately, I can’t
  • This sounds great, but I can’t commit to anything right now
  • Thank you, but I need to focus on myself at the moment
  • I am honored you thought of me for this but this doesn’t align with what my priorities are at the current moment
  • Let me think about this and I will get back to you
  • No thank you, but thanks for offering

So often as a people pleaser we feel the need to explain away our “no” but you don’t have to. Empower yourself and give yourself the ability to say no, it is such an important skill to have.

You should be your top priority and if something does not fit with you then say no. I know it is easier said than done, but you should not feel guilty for doing what you need to do.

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