Mothers Day 2021

“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” – Karl Lagerfeld

To say the least, this past year was difficult and it hit everyone hard. This means that on this mother’s day we need to send the mom’s in our lives some extra love.

In my opinion moms are the true hidden superheroes of the world. No matter how you become a mom whether it be adoption, foster, C-section, natural birth, or if you have had the pain of a miscarriage. You are still a mom and deserve to be celebrated on this day.

Thank the teachers who love their students as if they are their own kids, for those mourning the death of a child, for those that stepped up and took the place of a mom. Also for those that have a painful relationship with their mom.

Women are strong and should be celebrated on a daily basis.

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