Book Review: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

“Forgiveness is a gift of high value. Yet its cost is nothing.” – Betty Smith

It really took me way too long to read this book but I loved reading it. It took me on a journey and went with me on a journey too. I was told by grandma that this was going to be a quick weekend read, little did she know it would take me months to read it. The last chapter made all of the months of reading worth it though. It grouped everything together a lot of beautiful moments.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Better Smith. It focuses on an impoverished but extremely aspirational adolescent girl and her family in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the first two decades of the 20th century.

This book is a classic, and a classic for a reason it is beautifully written with a wonderful and deep look into Francine’s story. It lays out ups and downs with twists and turns. Francie’s introspective and wise beyond her years perspective fosters a vulnerability that few books have nowadays.

You might be wondering what the tree symbolizes, but funny enough the tree symbolizes a tree. It is recurring throughout the novel, from Francie’s birth to the very end of the book it is present.

It shows perseverance through hardship that is unmatched. The strength that not only the men but the women have throughout everything proves that they can withstand any hardship. Which is extremely inspirational.

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