Music Mondays: Man’s Best Friend

“Can’t get your name past my lips like a slur. And I think I’m in love with the idea of her” – Cavetown

This is the newest Cavetown album and they did not have to go this hard. My brother Caleb introduced me to Cavetwn about a year ago. When I found out that they had a new album out Caleb and I were sitting at Cafe Leo in Woodland Park with a view of Pikes Peak. I instantly took out my earphones and we listened to the whole thing. View of Pikes Peak and all.

The album is seven songs and about twenty-five minutes long. The entire thing is such a vibe. Something about their music is comforting beyond explanation.

Cavetown is the son of the professional flutist Robin Skinner. At fourteen he started posting original songs and covers on YouTube which built up a strong connection between him and his followers. Obviously, he has evolved since he was fourteen but that connection and vulnerability throughout his music stays the same.

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