Struggling Doesn’t Mean You’re Failing

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.” – Albert Camus

So often struggling and failing are used interchangeably despite them being extremely different. Struggling is a part of the human condition it is what it is and it cannot be avoided, failure on the other hand is a mindset. If you instantly go from struggling to failing you miss the learning.

Life can be a struggle but failure is not an option when you believe it doesn’t exist. It is an entire mindset shift, it changes your outlook on life and how you react to the people around you. Everyone is in the process of learning which means, most likely, everyone is in the process of struggling.

Failing and winning are such black and white terms, you are either one or the other and there is no in-between when there is a canyon between the two terms.

When you are struggling you are not failing.

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