Music Mondays: Cabin

“Oh, I been trying to ignore these signs, I know we both deny these elephants, I can see them wrecking every evening” – ASL

Cabin is a 2018 album from ASL, it is six songs and about twenty minutes long. ASL is a group of friends, every album is made in 72 hours or less and remains unchanged from the time it’s created until the time it’s released.

There is a specific, almost electric, energy that is within this album. Almost as if it’s forcing you to nod your head and dance along to the beat.

With less then 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify this band is still in an infancy and I’m sure they will grow tremendously. Or as least they should grow tremendously.

Although this album came out in 2018 they’ve been pumping out music ever singe with two albums released in 2020 and a new album already out in 2021. They’re busy and ready for you to listen to all of it.

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