Farmers Market Vendors

Toothpicked samples at the farmers’ market, every melon, plum, I come undone, undone.” – Dean Young

Yesterday I went to the farmers market in my town, it was such a fun experience. Despite the extreme heat, being able to meet and chat with all of the lovely vendors was so sweet.

They are all so happy to have people to chat with and have interactions with. I love supporting the small businesses that are around me, and the farmer’s market is the perfect time to do so.

Yesterday I bought a pot for one of my plants. The lady that I bought it from asked me about my plants, I showed her pictures and she also asked about their personalities and such. Also known as she asked the way into my heart.

Whenever I meet someone like that I cannot help but buy something from them. They’re just too precious for you to not.

Farmers markets are also just a great place to get to know people. There isn’t a single type of person that can sell there so the possibilities are endless for who you can meet. If you’re new somewhere they’re a fantastic place to meet people and get to know the area. They’re also such a good place to people-watch if actually talking with people isn’t your cup of tea.

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