Look Back On The First Half Of The Year

“Of course, my dear, I cannot, how could I, altogether regret what has happened.” – Iris Murdoch

It is crazy to think that we are halfway through the year already, it’s time to take stock of the first half of the year. What do you have that you didn’t have this time last year? What do you want by the end of the year? How are you different than you were at the beginning of the year?

Perhaps you jumped into 2021 with all the inspiration and motivation. You thought this year is my year and nothing can stop me. A list of goals a mile long, projects, and pep galore.

Or maybe you’re still waiting for that moment to strike. You’re still healing from the insane year that was 2020. You didn’t create any new year resolutions and just wanted to keep living.

Has the first half of your year consisted of you revving up for the project, or waiting for things to get back to normal? Do you need to redo your goals and refresh your mindset and expectations?

Take some time and do whatever you need to do. The year isn’t over yet.

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