Symptoms Of High Functioning Depression

“Indeed, the catch-22 of high-functioning depression is that sufferers often believe that since they can push through their sadness while barely missing a step, it would be indulgent to seek help. But that’s like believing one’s own happy-on-the-surface social media status updates.” – Unknown

High-functioning mental illnesses are such a struggle. Often people don’t realize they have a high functioning mental illness. People aren’t worried about them, since well, they’re high functioning.

Here are a handful of symptoms of high functioning depression:

  • Faking smiles
  • Always tired
  • No interest in activities
  • Lack of motivation
  • Jealous of past self
  • Trying to appear perfect
  • Emotionally distant

When you are dealing with all or some of these symptoms it can take a toll on you. You might not feel worthy of care because you believe nothing is wrong since you’re functioning okay. But functioning okay, isn’t functioning at your best.

Reaching out for help isn’t being an inconvenience. The fear that is often surrounding asking for assistance can be scary and lead to spiraling. You are worthy of help though.

It can be attractive to hide your symptoms, to keep up the perfect look. This doesn’t assist in helping the problems though.

Just because you’re high functioning doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of seeking a medical professional. Simply because an illness is invisible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

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