Music Mondays: Surf Music

“Now we’re driving up the coast. And we’re sitting on the hood of my car.” – Paul Williams

This is an album from Paul Williams, it is from 2018 and is about 35 minutes long.

I would like it to be known that this man only has 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify but should be huge. I’m loving everything I hear from him.

Paul Williams is from New Zealand he has a very specific humor that is present in everything he does. For example, on his website’s homepage, he has a single paragraph and it is: Hi, my name’s Paul. I’m from New Zealand and I make music. The website I built this website on said I had to write this blurb so my homepage contained at least one of my keywords. They were “music” and “New Zealand”.

If that isn’t iconic I’m not sure what is.

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