How To Make Decisions Faster

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” – Michelle Obama

As someone that really struggles to make decisions, I’ve landed on a few ways that help me and hopefully help you, make decisions faster.

Boil the decision down to deciding between two things. If you’re trying to pick something to watch the questions can look something like:

  1. Movie or tv show
  2. New or rewatching
  3. Netflix or Hulu
  4. Reality tv or drama
  5. Start from the beginning or wherever

Before you know it you’ll land on something.

If there’s a group of people having each of them make one decision is helpful too because then no one runs into decision fatigue.

As shown in the previous paragraph, if you think about it a lot of times when you’re making a decision you’re deciding between two things. You can always go back to the age-old flip a coin. If you don’t have a coin with you just ask Google to flip a coin and you’ll get your answer.

Another way to go about making a decision is rock paper scissors. A lot of times I use this to decide who is going to be making the decision. Although if there are actually two opinions present it can also be used to make the end decision.

You can also swap turns, so one day someone leads, and then the next it’s someone else’s turn. This is a great way to create a balance between everyone. This way the weight of decision-making isn’t all on one person’s shoulders.

If worst comes to worst you can also phone a friend that’s decisive or create a poll somewhere.

So there are a few ways to go about making a decision. If they help or if you have other ways of making a decision please let me know because Lord knows I could use the help.

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