Music Mondays: Happier Than Ever

“Try not to abuse your power.” – Billie Eilish

If you somehow haven’t heard or are out of her target demographic, Billie Eilish came out with her sophomore album. This album similar to her previous one was written and produced by her and her brother Finneas. This nineteen-year-old Los Angeles native continues to break charts and records with her original sound and composition.

You can tell that the same emotional vulnerability that was in her debut album is still present here. The key difference is that the naiveness has disappeared. Billie is one of the youngest people ever to have garnered this much success. With almost 50 million monthly Spotify listeners she’s the 18th most listened to artist in the world.

Throughout this album, there is a theme that being young and famous sucks and that girls are still being taken advantage of. Amongst the angsty songs, there are also a few lighthearted moments. All in all this album is an autobiographical more than anything else. You can tell that Billie uses her music as an escape and people resonate with it.

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