Your Thoughts Are Like Books In A Library

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.” – Roy T. Bennett

Here’s a reminder that your thoughts are like books in a library. You get to choose which ones you check out and which ones you leave on the shelf.

You have the power and the control and you can decide which books are left and which ones are taken. This should be tremendously empowering, it is no longer up to fate it’s up to you.

Create the thoughts that you want to create, pick them up off the shelf. Then after you’ve got your arms full of love, peace, compassion, happiness, and anything else leave the rest on the shelf. You don’t need the hate, judgment, disapproval, and all of the negativity on the shelf. That is unnecessary and would be like buying a book in German when all you can read is English. It doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t happen. For the same reason you don’t allow yourself to buy that book in German you shouldn’t allow yourself to pick up the negative book.

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