Music Mondays: GREY

“I’ll wrap you in my gentle arms and squeeze you tight. When the breeze of the cold kiss the freckles on your nose. I’ll keep you dry.” – Juke Ross

This is an EP by Juke Ross that was released in 2017, it consists of four songs and is about 15 minutes long. Before this album the only song of his that I’d heard was fresh roses, I love that song so I have no idea why I didn’t pursue more of his music.

Juke Ross is a singer-songwriter from Guyana in South America’s northern coast. Before going after music Ross was actually in med school. He ended up picking up the guitar in school and began writing his heartfelt, thoughtful folk-pop songs. How he had time to pick up a guitar in med school I have no idea but I’m so happy he did.

I’d describe Ross’s voice as dusky and warm, like a comforting weighted blanket or a hug. He seems to be so unapologetically himself which is so inspiring to see.

I’ll definitely be keeping up with the rest of his releases.

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