Stop Gaslighting Yourself

“Some people will label you as vindictive, unforgiving or even evil for not allowing them to hurt you, yet again.” – Wayne Gerard Trotman

Gaslighting has become a very popular subject, but most of the time it’s talking about other people. But what about when you’re gaslighting yourself? Here are some signs that you’re gaslighting yourself:

  • You make excuses for someone’s bad behavior. Instead of acknowledging their toxic behavior you’re in denial and blame yourself.
  • You invalidate your own feelings. You find yourself saying “It’s not that big of a deal.” “Others have it worst.” “I’m overreacting.”
  • You’re constantly should’ve, would’ve, could’ve yourself. Instead of allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling you tell yourself “I shouldn’t feel this way.” “I could’ve done better.” “I should be positive.”
  • You genuinely believe you’re being too sensitive. As a result of doing this you feel ashamed of your emotions and suppress them.
  • You don’t trust your own judgement and second guess yourself. Through doing this you don’t listen to your intuition because you don’t trust it.

If you’re a people pleaser you can often find yourself blaming yourself but not others. Gaslighting can be your own inner demon, self awareness is important to understand if you’re doing it to yourself. Don’t let the denial grow so strong that you’re unable to see the gaslighting present.

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