Music Mondays: Fatterludes

“You know I like that granny smith. You always get that fuji shit. It doesn’t matter what I buy, the neighbors hate your apple pie.” – More Fatter

This is an album from the band More Fatter that was released in 2019. It consists of eight songs and is about 18 minutes long.

There’s close to no information out there on the band which I personally find hilarious, Their about page on their website simply says “half the band never went to prom.” All that I know is that there are four dudes and they all seem like a blast and people I’d heavily vibe with.

They’re also working on a new album which is exciting because I’m loving what I’ve heard so far. I don’t even know how to explain their style of music it’s very careless but not in a bad way. It sort of sounds like four teenagers just living their best lives but they have substantial talent.

Currently, they have 115,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with their most listened-to song having over 3 million listens. I can tell they’re going to blow up at some point and I can’t wait to watch from the sidelines when they do.

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