Instagram, Facebook, & WhatsApp All Down

“Distracted from distraction by distraction” – T.S. Eliot

I think the world realized how much of a monopoly Facebook truly is yesterday when their servers crashed and it felt like the world was ending for most people. Because Facebook is so powerful, their servers crashing means a lot of loss.

Think of the ad money they lost, the engagement, the trust, and worst of all the love Twitter or LinkedIn got from all of it. I’m sure not everyone’s brains went here, but I do feel like everyone realized how dependent they are on these three apps when none of them were working.

I personally just go on social media once a day to make sure everything is more or less okay, or at least as okay as it can be within the world. Once I’ve accomplished this task I leave and don’t come back for around 24 hours or more.

Because of this, I was very late to notice and I also just thought that it was a me thing since I was looking at it on my laptop. Then I saw the dreaded 500 error and I know they were in trouble.

I wonder how much more productive people were at work since they couldn’t access their favorite social media for two seconds 5000 times a day. All those two seconds add up more than most people would like to admit.

As of right now, it seems like they’re all back to normal but I cannot imagine the repercussions they’re facing as a result of this.

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