Embrace Change Don’t Run From It

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Change can be a scary thing, we often try to avoid it at all costs and stay within our bubble of comfort. It’s the unfortunate truth that you do not grow within this place though. But just like the season changing and winter approaching it can be a beautiful experience.

I want to remind you that it’s okay to change, and here are some specific things that are definitely okay to change:

  • Your mind
  • The support that you need
  • Your expectations for yourself
  • Your mood
  • Your beliefs
  • What you need in relationships
  • Your goals
  • Your boundaries
  • What makes you happy
  • Your friend group

To be a human is to change and develop. Embrace this change don’t run from the beauty that is growth. Change can create so many possibilities as well as challenges that help you become a better person.

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