Your Starbucks Name

“Names have power.” – Rick Riordan

I was introduced to this by the New Mindset, Who Dis? podcast. The example is when you go into Starbucks and they ask for your name. In that moment have the power to whatever the heck you want. You can say Dumbledore, God, or whatever and they essentially have to write it down. 

That is what you want to become, who is he/she? What do they want to do, who do they hang out with?

Life offers us experiences to grow and mature into these people, our ideal forms. We often get too scared and chicken out before reaching our full Dumbledore potential. 

No matter how big or small the experiences, they mold us. Life is rotting for you, you simply have to open your eyes and say yes to them. You have to feed the hunger and the want for more. More than ever before in the fast-paced world we live in today. 

Coincidences are rare, everything happens for a reason. There is no limit to your growth.  

So who do you want to grow into?
What is your Starbucks name?

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