The First Snowfall

“With luck, it might even snow for us.” – Haruki Murakami

There is something so pure.
Something so magical.
And so so cold about the first snowfall.

I love seeing the awe in a kid’s eyes when they see the snowflakes first coming down. It’s truly magic in their minds. 

In my mind fall is officially over once the first snow hits the ground. It doesn’t matter the month. If snow is on the ground it means three things. 

  • Winter is here
  • Fall is gone
  • It is now acceptable for Christmas movies to be played 

There is a sense of unity that comes from it. It doesn’t matter if you hate or love the cold. No one seems to be properly prepared for when it hits.

Everyone is struggling on the roads. No one quite knows when they’ve reached enough layers to keep warm. If you’ve made it out of the house and to your destination in one piece you’ve been blessed. 

Despite all of the mess that comes with snow. Everyone still loves it. No matter how much you say you hate it. You cannot deny its beauty, its grace, and how no matter your age you feel like a little kid when you first see it falling. It is magic, not just for kids, but for everyone.

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