Your Voice

“The Human Voice is the most perfect instrument of all.” – Arvo Pärt

No matter how big or small your following is you have a voice. You have an opinion and -in most places- a right to express it. So often we disregard how big of a blessing this is. We forget to use it to its highest potential. 

We must remember that our voices aren’t something to take for granted. The physical ability to talk is something that all too many people in the world don’t have. So use yours. 

Your Voice is Impactful

Have you ever watched a speech, debate, TedTalk or anything really and thought to yourself “Wow that impacted me.” We think that it’s that person. That it’s their gift and they have been blessed with it, I simply don’t have it. Well, you’re wrong. You have the power and the ability to impact people and make a difference within you.

So go, be great. 

Your Voice has Expressiveness 

Throughout one conversation your voice shifts and changes its tone and speed to express how you are feeling. You don’t have to think about it. It just happens. You can control it to an extent but there is only so much that we can do control something that is so human and ingrained in us. 

How cool it that? 

Your Voice is Unique

People always hate the sound of their own voice. It’s the product of over 100 different muscles in your body working together. Your speaking voice changes not only throughout your lifetime (shout out to puberty) but it’s actually different depending on who you are talking to. And your voice right now while reading this, yes I’m talking to the one in your head, is something that no one else will ever hear. 

No one besides you know how your voice truly sounds. 

Use your voice. Don’t hesitate. Impact a life and express all that you want to. Your voice can do so much. It’s a perfect symphony of all that you are.

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