My Uncle Ty’s Legacy

“It’ll all work out.” – Ty Page

My uncle Ty Page aka Mr. Incredible is thought of as one of the most innovative skateboarders out there. He was the leader in the “golden era” of skateboarding in the 1970s. He invented over fifty skateboarding tricks. He also was a world champion in the surfing world. 

Sadly he lost his fight to brain cancer in 2017, he never complained or lost his faith. He lived his life to the fullest and had the stories to prove it. From surfing fifty-foot waves to being in commercials for skateboards, there was never a dull moment in Ty Page’s life.

He constantly told amazing stories. Sometimes he would talk so much his wife would tell him to stop so other people could get a word in. You could not find a person more enthusiastic about life than him. I remember weeks before he died he was still talking about how he’d get better and on his 60th birthday he planned on walking down the stairs at his house in a handstand. 

The Positives Outweigh the Negatives

Throughout his entire battle with cancer, he never complained. He remained one of the most positive people I have ever met. He thoroughly enjoyed his life. Every second of it. No matter the pain or how truly miserable he continued to find something to be happy about.

A good example is when his medication would make it hard for him to sleep he’d go to whatever store was open 24 hours and he’d talk to the employees. He’d tell them about God. Tell them his story. I am almost positive that a few people gave their lives to Christ because of these last night talks. 

You are Worthy

I remember sitting in his house and him telling me that I was worthy of a really great guy. That I should wait, and trust God. That has truly stuck with me. He also used to jokingly say that he wished I wasn’t related to him. So he would know that one of his kids would have a good girl to marry.

He shared and expressed the same message with everyone. Constantly reminding people of how loved and cherished they are. Throughout my entire fifteen years of knowing him he was a constant positive light. He is without a doubt a massive inspiration of mine and a constant motivator in my head. 

If Worried Laugh, Worship, and Pray

There is nothing that these three things can’t solve. My Uncle Ty was a firm believer in this. You would always find him joking around. The house was always filled with worship music. If there was ever a doubt in his mind he would pray.

I had the honor of dancing at his celebration of life. It was as if I could see him in heaven smiling down on everyone. We all wore bright colors and Hawaiian shirts to commemorate his love for that lifestyle. From birth to his funeral he was unique and entirely himself. 

He is and was one of the greats in so many ways. He is still continually loved and missed daily. I know he is surfing and skateboarding his heart out in heaven. 

I now leave you with a video of Mr. Incredible himself in all his glory. Stay gnarly.

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  1. are a precious earth Angel๐Ÿ˜‡ I have the blessing of knowing Jutien and I see so much of your Uncle Tyโ€™s spirit…soul and kindness in her. How blessed were you to have such an awesomely amazing mentor in your life? God bless you!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’

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