My Name

“Names have power.” – Rick Riordan

I remember when I was in elementary school I had a project that was finding out the meaning of my name. I have always cherished how much history there was in my name. 

My full name is Mia Joy Zhao-Ahn Liang.

Mia in Spanish means my, so my first and middle name mean my joy. Joy is also my mom’s and my great grandma’s middle name, as well as my aunt’s name.

My second middle name “Zhao-Ahn” is part of an ancient Chinese poem. Each generation gets a different first word, so the first word for me and all of my siblings is Zhao and it means forerunner. When put fully together my second middle name means forerunner of peace. 

Liang is an old Chinese dynasty from 502-557.  My grandparents are first-generation immigrants and boy do they have the stories to share from it. 

I challenge you to take a deeper look at your name. There is history there. There is history all around us. Right now you are making history whether you want to or not.

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