Intermittent Fasting

“Fasting is like spring cleaning for you body” – Jentezen Franklin

I have been intermittent fasting since May.

On average I do a 20-4 ratio, but have also done a 16-8 and have gone as long as 24 hours fasting. When I talk to people about this they either are super casual or their mind is blown that someone can go 24 hours without eating. 

For me personally, I didn’t start it to loose weight. If I’m being honest I haven’t lost any weight since starting it but I feel so much better. 

Before I would get awful stomach aches every time I ate. I couldn’t enjoy any meal because of the voice in the back of my head reminding me that my stomach was about to hurt. This may sound weird but I just felt heavy after I ate. I tried everything to help.

I used to just do a 13-11 ratio but my stomach was still hurting. It wasn’t until I did my first 20-4 that I discovered what eating without getting a stomach ache felt like. 

Now I can eat in peace. I am very limited in what I can eat due to allergies. I still tend to not eat a lot of red meats or sugar because I know those will agitate my stomach and that’s simply unnecessary to do if I can control it at this point. It does get annoying when I either turn down or don’t get anything at functions throughout the day. A few weird looks are nothing compared to being in pain though. 

Although I haven’t lost any weight from this “diet” I feel a million times better. I know that this isn’t for everyone. Some might say it is only for a select few. I can honestly say I have never felt better after eating since starting this journey. So, for now, I’ll be here.

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