Life Is Messy

“Living is messy.” – Traci Chee

I’m guilty of making everything look perfect. Put on a smile, fake a laugh and you’re in.

Hold in all of your emotions, put makeup on to cover the bags under your eyes. You’re set for a night on the town. Why do we do this though?

Accept your messes, flaws, imperfections. Embrace them, understand how you and your body feel when you simply let yourself breathe in the mess. Whether it be in your head, in a relationship, in a job/project, or even just in your house. Be a mess, love the mess, accept the mess.

If we cannot be imperfect with ourselves than how can we be vulnerable in front of people. Especially when it is really needed. We must be strong enough to admit our flaws. Confident enough to take the blame. It all starts with you. When are you going to begin accepting the messy?

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