Marketing Portfolio Project: Part Two

“A boo is a lot louder than a cheer.” – Lance Armstrong

This month I am writing an eBook and teaching myself both MailChimp and Facebook ads. As of right now, I am halfway through the project. If you want to learn more about it you can click here! One thing that I have faced a lot of this week is rejection. 

I have spent a good amount of time researching and reaching out to companies to interview for my eBook. It’s like looking up at a building, shouting and thinking that the people on the top floor are going to hear you. I have gotten a few responses but have yet to schedule an interview which puts me a bit behind on my schedule for this project.

Since it is during the holiday time it has made it even more difficult to get responses. I am very aware that people aren’t inclined to respond to a cold email regardless of the time of year though. Which is unfortunate for me but very understandable. 

This week I also researched more on Facebook ads and different marketing campaigns. I plan on incorporating the stuff I am learning into my own Facebook ads and MailChimp campaigns. 

Most of my time this week has been spent writing. I am still continuing to post every day throughout this process. It is a decision I made personally and I plan on sticking to it. So while writing for that I am also writing the eBook. 

A general overview of my week

  • Writing draft for eBook
  • Researching and reaching out to companies
  • Researching Facebook ads
  • Researching marketing campaigns 
  • Posted blog about MailChimp

If you’d like to learn more about my project you can click here!

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