First Experience: MailChimp

“If you don’t try, you forfeit the opportunity.” – Frank Sonnenberg

As I decided to embark on my month-long portfolio project I knew that learning both Facebook Ads and MailChimp was going to be on the agenda. As a newbie with MailChimp, it was an equally terrifying but exciting experience to figure out on my own. I love exploring new things, whether it be software, place, or hobby. I’m all about it. 

MailChimp was no exception. 

A few days ago I sent out my first email campaign. It was a wonderful learning experience. It wasn’t perfect, I am very aware of that. Although, you can’t expect your first of anything to be perfect. 

That’s the fun part, right?

I loved exploring all that it has to offer. You can work on all sorts of campaigns. It has everything from emails -automated, targeted and general- to landing pages to social posts. It offers so much, and a surprising amount of it is free.

One thing that I especially am in love with is the analytics offered.

You could see plain as day what was going on, who subscribed, what was delivered and so much more. I am a true nerd when it comes to analytics so seeing that they offered this in so much detail was something I was really happy to see and explore. 

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