Marketing Portfolio Project: Part One

“Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn and absorb new things” – Michelle Ryan 

I am currently on a four-week-long journey.

Throughout the next four weeks, I will be interviewing different people in marketing. I plan on discussing what their favorite marketing campaign is that they’ve done, what makes a marketing campaign good, and what the process behind all of it looks like. I will then turn what I have learned from these interviews into an eBook. I am going to be running Facebook ads to market it and throughout the process, I will be using MailChimp to promote it. 

Here’s a week by week layout of what I plan on doing:

Weeks 1 and 2

  • Reaching out and interviewing the different heads of marketing
  • Compiling a rough draft
  • Sending out first email using MailChimp
  • Posting two blog posts documenting my process.

Week 3

  • Thoroughly editing and publishing eBook and putting together Facebook ad
  • Sending out second email promoting eBook
  • Finalizing/running Facebook ad
  • Posting one blog post documenting the process.

Week 4

  • Analyzing data from Facebook ad
  • Posting one blog post documenting the process
  • Final blog post/reflections on the month.

Challenges I Anticipate On Facing

For me, the one thing I see myself really challenging with is scheduling the interviews. It is the one thing that doesn’t fully rely on me. It is also quite an ambitious plan, I really need to give my full attention to every little detail throughout the entire project.

Hard Skills I’ll Be Gaining/Improving

  • Facebook ads
  • MailChimp
  • Publishing
  • Writing market copy
  • Typing

Soft Skills I’ll Be Gaining/Improving

  • Effective communication
  • Adaptability
  • Time management
  • Analyzing ads

Assets I Bring To The Project

I recently challenged myself to blog for thirty days in a row. This helped me gain a well-rounded repertoire of writing skills/knowledge. Since I was homeschooled it taught me how to self educate/motivate, plan my own schedule, and problem-solving. 

Back-up Plan

Every plan A need a plan B. With such a big part of my project relying on other people for the interviews, I can see this going downhill quite fast especially with the tight time constraints. So, if worst comes to worst and no one is responding I will write an eBook based on a lot of research and some of my own experience. It’s not the worst thing to happen but not preferred.

Come back at least once a week to get updated on how it’s going, or sign-up for my mailing list right below!

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