Tech Overview: HubSpot Marketing Hub

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein

Hubspot’s marketing hub is a software that helps you to boost your success with inbound marketing. It has some intriguing resource and I will go over a few of them today.

The platform is easy to navigate and learn with both video tutorials and downloadable booklets available. It does not take more than a single afternoon to get a grasp of the basics and start feeling more comfortable with the platform. 

With HubSpot’s marketing hub I can create emails, ads, landing pages and more. It is a focal point for everything related to marketing. I also have access to all of the contacts and a record of every interaction that I’ve had with them. There is also the ability to segment your contacts if you want to focus on one specific group when creating different campaigns. 

HubSpot gives you the ability to increase traffic, convert leads, and attract traffic. I can personalize my website so it is tailored to the different kinds of visitors that my website receives. It is also extremely easy to see how your campaigns are doing and how they are impacting revenue. With HubSpot, I can give every customer the attention that they need. 

HubSpot’s marketing hub is a genuinely useful software to have, it is an all-encompassing tool for a marketing team. One other thing that I should mention is that HubSpot offers more than one hub. They have one for sales and service as well. They are all connected which means if you use them all simultaneously there is no hassle of exporting or converting data. Of course, if you would rather not no one will force you to, but the option is always there. 

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