Dancing In The Rain

“Getting lost in the ‘big picture’ often prevents us from cherishing the ‘small moments’ that make it all worthwhile…” – J.R. Wirth

Have you ever been told to stop and smell the roses? Or possibly to dance in the rain?

All these cliches are actually quite lovely. There is something beautiful about the simplicity associated with them. It cannot be replicated which is why these sayings have lived on. Take a second to really think about them though. 

What would happen if we really did just stop and smell the roses more? What about just stopping more? Life has gotten to be such a busy and hectic thing that humans are rarely still. We are so rarely still that we get uncomfortable when we are. 

Now, what would happen if you danced in the rain more? What about just dancing? Think back and remember the last time you just danced for you, not judging yourself and not letting other people judge you. Remember how freeing that moment was, for some people it may be yesterday and for others they can’t remember a time after their fifth birthday that they danced like that. 

It is your time, you can decide if you need to dance, if you need to be still, or mix them up a bit. With whatever you choose do not be discouraged if it feels uncomfortable because that just means that you are growing, and soon you’ll bloom. Exactly like the flowers that you were smelling before.

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