Hot Takes

“Different eyes see the same thing different. This is called an opinion. Respect it.” – Unknown

If you do not know a hot take in the modern world is essentially an opinion that is likely to cause controversy or is unpopular. It is looking to stir up some drama and some strong thoughts. 

In journalism, they are used as a more traditional term but is close to the same thing. Journalists use them as a piece of deliberately provocative news/commentary. They are typically written when a deadline is fast approaching and they need to come up with something fast.

They both want attention.

I am so intrigued by these, I spent the past week asking people what their biggest/hottest hot takes are.

  • The Cats movie was not half bad.
  • Mac and cheese is nasty, I’d starve before eating that stuff.
  • The office is boring. 
  • Halsey is not half bad.
  • I do not like Harry Styles.
  • Trendy diets are awful and typically cause more harm than good.
  • Friends was not a good show.
  • Sprinkles are pointless, they add value to nothing. 
  • Samsung Galaxy is the superior phone.

All of these hot takes are things that people firmly believe in. There is nothing that anyone can say that will change their opinions. That is the reality of life though and we are all entitled to our own opinions no matter how popular or unpopular they may be.

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