Music Mondays: Dreamer

“What’s the point of a song if you can’t be honest?” – Ashley Monroe

Dreamer by Melaine Baker is soothing to the soul. 

Baker is an indie-folk singer and the way she sings makes it feel like she is right next to you. You can almost picture her facial expressions and you can hear the emotions behind the words she is saying. 

In her lyrics, she does not shy away from mentioning the anxieties of modern-day life. She has catchy lyrics and fun melodies on the surface. But once you dig deeper you get a chance to see the true power behind her words. 

Baker is still young and growing, and I’m sure there may be a scandal at some point but I have faith in her. She has a maturity in her voice and lyrics that is hard to find. I applaud her for wearing her heart on her sleeve and being vulnerable through everything.

This singer-songwriter is just at the beginning of a long journey but I look forward to seeing her progress throughout it.

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